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Luigi Pomante

Dottore di Ricerca in Ingegneria Informatica

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Embedded Systems 2016/2017



It has been created a mailing list useful/needed to manage HomeLabs and other issues related to the course (info about the course, news about seminars and project/thesis/stage/work opportunities). Please, send an e-mail to luigi.pomante@univaq.it with your details (name, email, degree course) to subscribe.

NEWS (19/09/2016): OFFICE HOURS

Dr. Pomante's Office Hours are exclusively by e-mail appointment.

NEWS (16/12/2016): END OF THE COURSE

Lessons of the course are concluded.


As described in the "Overview" lecture (see below), the examination related to this course is composed of: 5 homelabs, 1 project, and 1 written test (see some partial examples in 2015/2016 page and below). Such parts shall be all concluded prior to record the final grade.




Overview [9/6]

Introduction [9/6]

HW Technologies [9]

Single-Purpose Processors [9]

Introduction to VHDL [9]

General-Purpose&Application-Specific Processors [9/6]

Memory [9/6]

Interfacing [9/6]

Homelab FPGA [9/6]*

Homelab 8051 [9/6]

C/ISS8051 Exercises [9/6]

Time [9/6]

Communications [9/6]**

C4uC (C for MicroControllers) [9/6]

Advanced GPP/ASP [9/6]

Architectures&Design [9/6]

Homelab_TIVA  [9/6]

Case Study: Digital Camera [9/6]

Wireless Sensor Networks [9/6]

Homelab WSN [9/6]

Embedded and Real-Time OSs [9/6]

Homelab EDISON [9/6]

C/ISS8051 Solutions to Exercises [9/6]

Didactical Architecture (v1.1) and Exercises with Solutions [9/6]

Design Methodologies [9/6]

TASI Seminar [9/6]


* = This homelab has to be done by all the students but the final written test for 6 CFU course will not contain questions about it

** = This lesson is needed for C4uC but the final written test for 6 CFU course will not contain theoretical questions about it



EXAMS (send to luigi.pomante@univaq.it your solutions for a check)

20/12/2016 (with C4uC solutions) - 17/01/2017 - 21/02/2017 - 29/03/2017 - 13/06/2017

Embedded Systems Course


Projects & Thesis







NoiseLab Studio

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