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Luigi Pomante

Dottore di Ricerca in Ingegneria Informatica (PhD)

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Available Projects & Thesis Proposals are related to the following topics (please contact directly the reference persons for more details):



Advanced (e.g., high-performance, reconfigurable, multi-processors, heterogeneous, real-time, monitored) embedded platforms


C/C++ and/or VHDL-based FPGA environments for the development/exploitation of advanced embedded applications


Updated list of proposals (13/12/2021)


Contacts: Dr. Giacomo Valente, Dr. Marco Santic, Dr. Vittoriano Muttillo




Electronic System-Level HW/SW Co-Design


C/C++/SystemC and/or UML/MARTE/UPPAAL for the development of methodologies and related tool-chains


Updated list of proposals (13/12/2021)


Contacts: Dr. Luigi Pomante, Dr. Vittoriano Muttillo, PhD. student Vincenzo Stoico


Embedded Systems Course 2023-2024


Projects & Thesis




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