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Projects and Thesis topics about Electronic Design Automation and Embedded Systems at DEWS


Available topics are related to the following domains (please contact directly the reference persons for more details)

- Embedded Systems course


- C Programming for uC/DSP:    DSP_SYNCH



- Wireless Sensos Networks (WSN):    TAKS 15.9    TAKS HLS    TinyGIS    WSN_GIS WIDS_Attacks WIDS_Reactions



- Electronic System-Level HW/SW Co-Design



    System Modeling

    HW/SW Metrics Evaluation & Estimation:    CC4CS    Affinity

    Design Space Exploration:     DSE_Energy/Power    DSE_ApproximateComputing    DSE_RealTime



- Other Tools & Methodologies: CHESS, CAPELLA, Essyn, ForSyDe, Preesm, Multicube, Barbecue, Artico3, etc.



- High Performance Embedded Computing: OpenMP



- Embedded Systems Monitoring: CTF CrazyFly1 CrazyFIle2



- Thales Alenia Space Italy (AQ)



- Leonardo (AQ)




Embedded Systems Course


Projects & Thesis







NoiseLab Studio

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