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Luigi Pomante

Dottore di Ricerca in Ingegneria Informatica

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Click to play: WordBreak!

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1. Goal: to achieve the highest score by guessing the hidden words!

2. Structure of the game

The game is composed of 3 phases. Each phase is divided into 8 levels (phase 1: levels 0-7, phase 2: levels 8-15, phase 3: levels 16-23).

In each phase the hidden words start from a 3 letters length and could reach a 10 letters length.

In the first phase there is some facilitation that are reduced in phase 2 and removed in phase 3.

Guessing the hidden words allows reaching an higher score as detailed in the following.

3. Jolly Letters

To guess the hidden words it is possible to use the so called Jolly Letters to obtain some indications. They work as follow.

Selecting a letter of the hidden word by means of the radio button and selecting an available hidden letter from the panel, it will appear the “graphical intersection” of the two letters. The selected Jolly Letters will remain blocked until all the others have not been used.

Example of graphical intersection by A and R:


Example of graphical intersection by P and I:


Example of graphical intersection by H and Z:


WARNING: the letters of the hidden words are drawn exactly as they appear in the panel. So, keep in mind such figures when thinking about the hidden letters and words!

Naturally, Jolly Letters are limited: at the beginning their number is equal to the length of the first word (3) and, for each level, their number will be incremented by the length of the hidden words. For each use, their number is decreased by one.

Exception: if the Jolly Letter is the same as the hidden letter, the number of available Jolly Letters will remain the same and the used Jolly Letter will remain available.

4. Guessing the hidden word

To guess the hidden word, the player has to digit the proposed one in the box and press WordBreak.

If  the length is wrong or the word is not present in the game dictionary nothing will happen. If the word is the right one the game will advance of one level, otherwise two situations could happen: if the player had only 1 chance left the game will over; if the player had more than 1 chance left him will lose a chance and it will appear the graphical intersection of the whole hidden word and the proposed one. Such a figure will be of great help to guess the correct one at next tentative!

Example of graphical intersection by the Italian words SPACCA (break) and PAROLA (word):

In the first phase of the game, the player will have two chances for each hidden word (if they are not used they will be cumulated for the next levels). In the second phase the player will have only 1 chance for each hidden word. In the last phase, no chance will be added: it is possible to end the whole game only if the player has been able to cumulate all the needed chances! However, let you remember that the main thing is not to finish the game but to obtain the higher score (and this will depend by several factors, as detailed in the following), so each player will adopt its own strategy for this.

5. Game dictionary

The words used during the game are a only a subset of the words recognized by popular spell-checkers so, to check if  a word is in the dictionary, the player can use (for free) the TEST button. By digiting a word in the box and pressing such a button the word will be cancelled if not belonging to the game.

WARNING: the hidden words could be singulars, plurals and several verbal tense. The rule is: if a spell-checker could recognize it, it could be in the game!

WARNING: the language used in this version is the United Kingdom English.

6. Time

The player has a fixed amount of seconds for each level. They start from 180 seconds for the first level and the seconds left at the end of a level are incremented by a decreasing amount of seconds while guessing the hidden words. From a level to another one, the game is paused until the player effectively starts to play again.

7. Score

The score is increased by several factors: when the player guess a word he will obtain 100 points for each letter of the hidden word; 10 points will be added for each possibility to use a Jolly Letter left at the end of each level; for each 15 seconds left at the end of each level it will be added an amount of points equal to level+1.

8. Are you ready? Let go WordBreak!

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